Urban Design and Planning

Urban Design begins with a vision and its implementation takes Planning. This vision can simply be of creating a special place that is different in appearance and experience for its users. A place that is pleasant to the eye and caters to the needs of pedestrians. A place that is sensitive to all those that utilize the environment. A place where businesses thrive and pedestrians feel secure. An environment where business owners can concentrate on providing the goods and service that their customers desire. It is also an environment where neighborhood residents go to meet their daily wants and needs. In this context, urban design is about creating a pedestrian environment that nurtures its inhabitants and has the resources to keep it vibrant, while constantly planning for improvement of the way its functions, which is the service we provide.

Business Revitilization

Business revitalization is all about new investment in a market area. However, the market area must first have the potential to attract new business investment. It must also have the financial resources and the leadership to reach that potential. Typically, revitalization is a concerted effort in public/private cooperation. However, adjacent neighborhoods play a crucial role in the potential of a market place. There is a close working relationship between a market place, its businesses and its residents. Creating an attractive business environment, that fosters new investment, typically requires an improvement in the general appearance of a market area. It also requires both incentives that encourage new business formation, and favorable market area demographics. Therefore, recognizing this symbiotic relationship, harvesting its potential and implementing effective strategies is the foundation for successful business revitalization efforts, which is the service we provide.

Neighborhood Preservation

Neighborhood preservation is all about maintaining the urban fabric. The urban fabric is what constitute every aspect of the built environment. It is an historical, social and structural environment. It is made up primarily of buildings, people and infrastructure that is weaved into a unique fabric that creates a sense of place. On a human scale, neighborhoods are made up of businesses, residents and visitors. A great city is a product of its neighborhoods. The best neighborhoods meet the everyday needs of their constituents. Those needs surely include the purveyance of goods and services, jobs and recreational activities. Therefore, we contend that for a neighborhood to maintain its integrity, it requires, amongst others, an attractive, viable and well managed market area, where residents can go to conduct their business, which is the service we provide.

Pedestrian District Management

Pedestrian Districts are formed by commercial property owners that are interested in improving a specific market area. Creating a business environment typically involves both streetscape improvements and a vehicle to maintain the improvements. These property owners have business tenants that need to be successful at providing goods and services, so in essence, the District assists them in that endeavor. The higher rent they receive provides a return on their investment in the property, and ultimately pays the assessment for the District improvements and its continuous care. The level of improvements and the extent of the care are determined by the property owners, with input from management. The daily maintenance and continuous care is then programmed and implemented by District management, which is the service we provide

Business Revitalization Inititives

Business revitalization initiatives consist of programs that serve the interests of the business community. They can consist of design studies, market analysis and marketing programs, amongst others. These business centric initiatives typically result in business improvement programs, as well as a heighten awareness of the desires and needs of the both the business community and adjacent neighborhoods. The objective is to identify opportunities and constraints effecting the market place, and acting on those findings. Initiatives have including parking studies, traffic mitigation plans, good neighbor programs and specific marketing programs that support business activity. These business revitalization initiatives are part and parcel of the management services we provide.