Place-Making and Pedestrian Oriented

We understand that you have to pay attention to the details. This encompasses the constant attention to District appearances, maintaining unobstructed pedestrian traffic patterns and strategically locating furniture, trash receptors and bike racks. In addition, the proper maintenance of trees, planters, lawns and plant beds require constant care in an urban environment. We are passionate about our sense of place.

District Management

Professional management is the key to servicing the District needs. The demands on District resources is endless. Service request are a constant reminder of the complexities of an urban environment. With a tight budget, major repairs and improvements have to be scheduled in advance, normal repairs have to be accomplished in a timely fashion and meeting manpower requirements to maintain the level of service expected is a talent we take pride in. We have been managing the affairs of the District for over 34 years and know what it takes to keep it going.

Business Developement Strategy

Businesses tend locate where their entrepreneurial owners decide they have the greatest chance of success. Before any relocation, these owners will spend a lot of time on our District. Often times lease or purchase negotiations requires permitting and/or licensing. Sometimes an existing business requires financing or marketing expertise. We work with business owners, property owners and city agencies to facilitate the process and encourage a sensitive business proposal that will be supported, approved and ultimately successful.

Real Estate Counseling

We are very familiar with all the commercial properties located in the District. Over the years, in one fashion or another, we have been involved with many of the transactions that have taken place. We understand the permitting and licensing procedures required for establishing a business and know many of the idiosyncrasies of each property. We attempt to remain current on sales and leasing figures and understand many of the owners motivations. We can assist new and existing tenants in there endeavors.

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Community Outreach

We get our name, the "Broadway Partnership" from our commitment to work with businesses and adjacent neighborhoods in a symbiotic relationship. We attempt to provide either services in kind or direct involvement in neighborhood initiatives. We are civic minded and quick to lend a helping hand. We are especially concerned about the homeless, unemployed and otherwise struggling families that frequent unban neighborhoods. We are there for them.

Civic Involvement

As urban planners and commercial property managers we are always concerned about the impact economic development has on our neighborhoods. Whether it involves participating in transportation issues or new development approval processing, we try to be the voice of reason and represent the business community in a most responsible manner. When requested, we will serve on ad hoc committees, organize an event and contribute where we can. We are dedicated to a win-win outcome.

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