The MDLDC is a Colorado Non-profit Corporation. We were established in 1978 to serve urban neighborhoods in the Denver metropolitan area. Our mission is to foster business revitalization and neighborhood preservation in transitional neighborhoods that have the potential for rejuvenation. We accomplish this by providing planning and management services to business interest groups and by working closely with adjacent neighborhoods and local government agencies. We have been serving Denver neighborhood business interests, with small business management and economic development expertise, for over 30 years.

The MDLDC was formed by concerned business property owners, merchant and neighborhood activists that wanted to change the status quo. The goal was to provide a mechanism to improve the business environment through beautification and management of the day to day maintenance of streetscape improvements and create a sense of place. The objective was to combat and reverse the detrimental effects of deteriorating business areas and their impact on adjacent neighborhood.

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The MDLDC provides expertise in Urban Planning, Business Revitalization, Community Development, Business Entrepreneurship and Business Services. Its passion is in creating business environments that are pedestrian friendly, attractive and supportive of business patrons. One method used to accomplish this is by establishing a self assessing commercial improvement districts, made up of commercial property owners, that then plans and implements a revitalization strategy. This entity then arranges to provide for streetscape improvements, such as trees and furniture, and then manages the day to day operations of the entity. If possible, this can also be accomplished through the use of a Business Improvement District, or BID. However, it can take a number of forms, but what is important is that the underlying self help organization must be in place first.

The MDLDC utilizes the disciplines of urban planning, community development, urban design, commercial property management and real estate investment expertise. This multi-disciplined approach has been successful in mitigating the effects of neighborhood flight, dehabilitating traffic impacts and unsightly urban blight by providing strategies to manage and reverse those impacts.

A city is a reflection of its neighborhoods and vibrant neighborhood businesses have a tremendous impact on adjacent neighborhood. However, it is a symbiotic relationship between business and residential interests. Understanding this relationship is fundamental to success. The objective is place making and walkability, because a livable city is a sustainable city.